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How it Works?

Step 1. Register on InstaMax with an email and Verify

Firstly register on instamax.in with email and verify your email by clicking on link in your email

Step 2. Add your instagram account to InstaMax using your instagram username and password

Once you have verified your account, you can login in the acceptor using your Instagram username and Password and if an OTP is requested, kindly fill the OTP sent to your device by Instagram.

Step 3. Buy a subscription

To accept your requersts using InstaMax, you need to purchase the desired plan according to your need for your instagram username. To buy yourself a plan head to Pricing section.

Step 4. Verify your purchase/Activate Subscription

After purchasing the desired plan kindly verify it at instamax.in/#verify using your Username and Order id that willbe displayed to you after you make payment.

Step 4. Accept Requests

After you have successfully logged in into Instamax, Select the number of Requests you want to accept and then click Start.

Step 5. Number of requests accepted

As the requests are being accepted the live counter will display the number of requests accepted by constantly refreshing.

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InstaMax Stories

Download daily story content at affordable prices for any niche.

New Content Daily

New Videos will be uploaded daily so that your story is never repeated

Available for all

Videos for every niche on instagram so that your audience gets relevant content

Affordable prices

Affordable prices that wont sweep out your wallet.

Aspect ratio 9:16

All videos at InstaMax Stories are with the aspect ratio of 9:16


Choose Your Plans

Select plan from dropdown


Pay via PayTM

InstaMax Stories Premium (Coming Soon)


Pay via PayTM

Activate Subscription

After paying, kindly verify your subscription

Activate your Subscription


Terms and Conditions

If you are using instamax.in for the first time and have been using other websites for accepting requests earlier, kindly change your password before using instamax.in

In the event of changes in the Instagram API by the instagram backend, No refund shall be made by InstaMax team

InstaMax deserves the right to discontinue your subscription in the event of your participation in defaming InstaMax

In case InstaMax requires some update to fix bugs, message regarding this will be circulated well in advance so that you can plan your acceptance


Frequently Ask Questions

If InstaMax is requesting for an OTP, please enter the OTP received on the registered device.
You can accept 10k Request per 75 minutes.
We know the importance of your account but because it is an automatic process and a bit faster so it might be possible that instagram may detect an unusual/suspicious activity which eventually freezes your account. Don’t worry you account will be normal in 10-60 minutes. Chances of this happening is 0.1% but still at instamax we care and love your account so it’s better you know everything!
We don’t save your passwords and you can easily get to know because each and every time you wish to accept your request you need to login again.
Yes, InstaMax enables you to accept 10k request every 65-70 minutes by selecting acceptall option from the drop down menu for selecting the number of requests for acceptance.
Instagram's server sometimes do not send OTP instantly, The solution is to wait for sometime and then try again. Please do not try again and again immediately since this can cause multiple OTP generation and thus login may fail.
This is an Instagram issue and generally solves in sometime by itself, Kindly retry after some time.

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